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About ShopGyverGear.com

Gyver was founded in 1992. We now find ourselves to be one of the leading Online Stores of Wireless Accessories across the industry. Our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA stocks all accessories for Wireless Cellular telephones and ships to all points in the World.

Gyver strives for and maintains the highest quality in the industry. We stock snap on covers made with the best plastics available to the market. We also take the necessary steps to provide the best fit, best colors and the best life span in the industry. Our chargers are built with the highest quality IC chips on the market, the strongest cables. Designer Snap On Cover face plates are geared for the coveted youth market. Our research teams have realized that you don’t buy just one or two different colors. You like to change the color of your phone as often as you like to change your mind.

We hand pick and warehouse and ship all of our merchandise so we have total control of quality standards that other Online Stores can’t match. Highest quality sets us apart from all other Online Stores. 100% Customer Satisfaction is the goal for our entire Sales Staff.

Customer returns are extremely minimal due to the high quality of our merchandise. Full factory warranties back all of our products for factory defects. In the youth age of today with the, “look at me, look at me” mentality, our products supply them with the opportunity to set themselves apart from their friends. Our other products supply them with the necessities of everyday life in the Wireless World chargers, snap on cases, clear cases, and hands free devices. Everything that is needed for cellular phones in today’s marketplace.

You will remember where you purchased your accessories and you will return for more. Stay tuned for forthcoming news and events as we develop for this market.


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