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Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases and Covers

Gallery of Samsung Galaxy S4 Design Snap On Case Covers.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Design Phone Protector Case protects the body of your phone
while providing unobstructed access to your phone. The two-piece design protector case
snaps securely onto the front and back of your Samsung Galaxy S4. Specifically made
for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the case is lightweight and durable.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 review

It’s here at last, Samsung’s biggest release for a year. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will doubtless be popular but is it the best smartphone of the year, and are the new features – and there are oh, so many of them – worth having?

The brand has not radically changed the design of the phone compared to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3. Why would it – the S3 was massively popular, so the company knew it had a winning design.

Even so, look closely and you’ll see tha the Samsung S4 has definite style improvements, with straighter lines and a sleeker, more serious look to it. But it’s the same gloss plastic finish, so if you’re keener on a more premium feel like the iPhone 5 or HTC One, you may feel this is a bit shouty. Even so, it’s a classier look than the S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Size and build

Like last year’s model, the Samsung S4 isn’t a phone for petite hands. But Samsung has squeezed in a screen that’s bigger than last year’s into a handset that’s slightly smaller (the dimensions are 136.6mm tall, the same as the S3, while the width and depth, 69.8mm and 7.9mm, are smaller).